The world and the news of it can become overwhelming to the extent that we can begin to feel helpless.  Without conscious effort to seek out paths and behaviors that reignite our sense of empowerment, our ability to connect to our creative souls can become stifled.

There are many ways in which we can impact the world around us; those obvious – being ever mindful of the environment, paying attention to the needs of others, supporting causes, joining our voices together – and learning about and highlighting those initiatives whose goals have hopeful visions.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have recently donated 4.6 billion dollars and is currently focusing its resources on the eradication of malaria. With a few moments of your time you can both learn and support this cause.

The Gates Foundation will donate a mosquito net for every person who reads Bill Gate’s latest blog post and takes a subsequent quiz. The process of reading the article and taking the quiz takes less than three minutes.

The mosquito net initiative dubbed “Mosquito Wars,” is part of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s broader effort to combat malaria. Donated insecticide-treated bed nets will be distributed by the nonprofit, World Vison and will go to families in the Inhambane region of Mozambique where the disease is still prevalent.

Though significant progress has been in the fight against malaria, 429,000 people still died from the disease last year.

The intent of the quiz is simple; to educate the public about the presence of the disease. Participate in the donation of a life saving net by taking the quiz here.