“Each day working in my studio I start not knowing what image will emerge. I allow myself the freedom of indecisions, improvisations, and impulsiveness in my work, and that leads to exciting discoveries. Subjects of my encaustic (hot wax) work are non-objective and figurative painting and printmaking.

I’m impatient by nature, my process is intuitive, I most enjoy the journey of creating, figuring out what works, what to keep, and what to abandon, until the piece works for me. I have no compulsion to save every work I do. Many become the layered history for a new piece. Creating art energizes me, its a place where time is altered, where all my feelings and emotions appear at some time or another; pleased, tired, upbeat, excited, harried, surprised, and hopefully at some point, satisfied.”

Dianne Jean Erickson is currently on the Board of Directors of The Geezer Gallery, a non-profit in Portland and exhibits her work at Art On Broadway Gallery in Beaverton, OR. 
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