“Might As Well Dance,” a painting by Samyak Yamauchi


Might as Well Dance
The seas are rising.
The seer is blind.
The earthquake comes in the dark of night.
Let’s hold hands and take a stance.
Grandmother is coming.
Might as well dance!


In the fall I started to hear this phrase over and over in my head- “Grandmother is coming…” I was inspired to write a little poem about it. When I started this painting, I wrote the words on the front of the board before I started. It’s on the back, and it’s also embedded in her dress. Recently, at the artist talk, another artist asked me about the orange slashes over the eyes on some of my paintings. I answered that it’s because I wear orange glasses, which sounds funny, but it’s true, in part.  The orange slashes come at the very end of the paintings as the very last stroke. With this painting, “Might As Well Dance”, the slash came after I wrote this poem on her dress. The orange slash makes her blind, because the poem is about seeing without using your eyes.  When I really think about what the slashes mean, I realize it kind of sums up  how I paint and how I try to go through life outside of my studio – I try to see what’s beyond what I think I see.   

                                                                                                                                                   Samyak Yamauchi, Artist


Samyak’s work can be seen on this site by clicking here.