A photographic and descriptive look at the studios of Portland artists will open with a tour of Suzanne Vaughan’s studio and a glimpse into her painting process.

My Studio & Painting Process

I always managed to carve out a space to create, no matter where I live. Currently I’m in an apartment in Portland and have transformed my entire living area into a studio space. It has good light, air flow, enough floor area for painting, and room to store dry and drying paintings. As an action painter, my painting process is very physical. I move around the canvas, brushing, flicking, or dripping layers of oil paint and glazes onto a stretched canvas suspended off the floor on plastic pots. It is very fluid and interactive: an intuitive response to the materials I use.

I channel the way I am feeling in the moment through energetic movement, spontaneously responding to the paint and how it interacts with previous layers. My process involves building up many layers and I stack them to dry on a makeshift rack near the window to vent the fumes. This allows me to work on many small paintings at a time, or just a couple of large ones. The finished paintings have a glossy surface radiating a luminous glow with interesting organic textural effects.

Suzanne Vaughan

Suzanne’s work can be seen on her page in this issue by clicking here:

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“As a young child, Suzanne Vaughan absorbed and appreciated the intense vibrancy of her homeland, New Zealand, paying close attention to textures, shapes, horizons, and colors. As she evolved into a woman, she brought with her the inspirations of her childhood and stored them away deep in her subconscious, allowing them to simmer and expand. During the years post and prior to her relocation to America, Suzanne Vaughan’s passion for painting ignited.”

“There is a degree of intuition involved, an element of surprise, a dynamic interaction with the unfolding images, color, and textural variances.art. “I have to do it.  It is an ingrained and vital part of who I am”             Suzanne Vaughan

Suzanne’s artist’s statement, portfolio of work, and contact information can be found by clicking here.